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Part of the loft reconstruction is a complete overhaul of the roof with the use of terra-cotta and zinc sheets.

Inside dividers are made of double-sized plasterboard anchored into UW-profiles or light, white-painted Hebel breeze-blocks. Ceramic tiles in bathrooms and WC reach door-frame. Terrace pavings finish with a plinth.

Roof windows VELUX are mounted without additions. Inside the courtyard are wooden double-glazed windows and doors, interior doors are of profiled solid wood with appropriate frames. Main entry doors are safety-type with steel frames.

Heating system consists of gas-heated boiler providing both hot water and regulated heat output. Electric installation and sockets conform to local laws.
Each apartment is provided with one telephone line.

A survey of planned materials and their considered prices per sq. m. or unit

Object Description Price incl. VAT
Non-supporting walls: double-sized plasterboard anchored into UW profiles or Hebel blocks
Windows: double-glazed, wooden frames
Roof windows: Velux with no additions
Gas boiler: Junkers, combined output
Heating elements: radiators - Radik
Staircase: steel or brick construction with wooden facing 30,000 Kč/pcs
Main entry doors: safety-type without steel mounting 15,000 Kč/pcs
Interior  doors: solid inc. frames, no steel mounting 7,000 Kč/pcs
Bathroom  & WC: WC bowl 2,000 Kč/pcs
washbasin 1,300 Kč/pcs
bath or shower 7,000 Kč/pcs
facets 2,000 Kč/pcs
Floor material: paving 600 Kč/m2
tiles 500 Kč/m2
floating-floor 1,100 Kč/m2
carpet 450 Kč/m2

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