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Legal protection

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By deciding to accept the offer of said company, the client enters a contractual relation. This relation guarantees, in an explicit and clearly defined manner, that he or she will become single owner of an apartment unit, including a share in the common facilities of the building and the estate with the house in which the apartment guaranteed to the client by this contract is being built. The company is trying to adapt the service to each individual client’s requirements.

The legal framework for contract negotiations between the client and the company is provided by the Act 72/94. (Apartment Ownership Act). The client legal position after completion of the construction, especially identification contract defines terms for the actual construction and also the client‘s of the finished apartment unit (description, dimensions, equipment, etc.), specification of the common facilities the client will gain a share in, obligations related to the house including the management system and the economic principles that will await the client as future owner after construction approval of the completed work and partial ownership transfer for the estate the building stands on. The contract also sets financial conditions for the construction schedule, but payment dates usually depend on the scheduling of construction tasks and on on other agreements.

An important effect of these agreement is that it provides the contracting parties with a guaranty of their rights - the company Remona NOVA s.r.o. generally already has the right and obligation to build apartments included in the construction contract (signed with the owner of the house). This contract is entered in the cadastral registry and it already includes the main apartment building conditions for the particular house.

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